Chilli Red Mosiac Chilli Red Mosiac Ribbon Full Black Full Red Albino RRea

Platinum Mosiac Ribbon Multicolor Cobra Mosiac Metal King Cobra King Cobra Ribbon

Red Tuxido Neon Ribbon Full Platinum Ribbon RRea Blue Neon Ribbon Red Tuxido Mosiac
** All guppy pictures above are taken and belong to Piramol Phooprapun  
Common Name Scientific Name Size Pack/box
Black Phantom Guppy PairsPoecilia reticulataLG.0
Yellow Snakeskin Guppy PairsPoecilia reticulataLG.0
Red Diamond Guppy PairsPoecilia reticulataLG.0
Golden Guppy PairsPoecilia reticulataLG.0
Black 3/4 Guppy PairsPoecilia reticulataLG.0
Blue Diamond Guppy PairsPoecilia reticulataLG.0
Neon Blue Guppy PairsPoecilia reticulataLG.0
Pale Blue Veil Guppy PairsPoecilia reticulataLG.0
Multicolor Guppy PairsPoecilia reticulataLG.0
Assorted Guppy PairsPoecilia reticulataMLG0
Assorted Guppy PairsPoecilia reticulataLG.0
Female GuppyPoecilia reticulataMLG.0
Female GuppyPoecilia reticulataLG.0
Male GuppyPoecilia reticulataMLG.0
Chilli Red MosiacPoecilia reticulataMLG.0
Chilli Red Mosiac RibbonPoecilia reticulataMLG.0
Full BlackPoecilia reticulataMLG.0
Platinum Mosiac RibbonPoecilia reticulataMLG.0
Multicolor Cobra MosiacPoecilia reticulataMLG.0
Metal King CobraPoecilia reticulataMLG.0
King Cobra RibbonPoecilia reticulataMLG.0
Red Tuxido Neon RibbonPoecilia reticulataMLG.0
Full Platinum Ribbon RreaPoecilia reticulataMLG.0
Blue Neon RibbonPoecilia reticulataMLG.0
Red Tuxido MosiacPoecilia reticulataMLG.0
Full Red Albino RreaPoecilia reticulataMLG.0
Male GuppyPoecilia reticulataLG.0
Female Black Phantom GuppyPoecilia reticulataLG.0
Female Yellow GuppyPoecilia reticulataLG.0
Female Golden GuppyPoecilia reticulataLG.0
Female Blue Neon GuppyPoecilia reticulataLG.0
Female Multicolor GuppyPoecilia reticulataLG.0
Male Black Phantom GuppyPoecilia reticulataLG.0
Male Yellow Snake Skin GuppyPoecilia reticulataLG.0
Male Golden GuppyPoecilia reticulataLG.0
Male Neon Blue GuppyPoecilia reticulataLG.0
Male Multicolor GuppyPoecilia reticulataLG.0

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