Saddleback Clownfish False Percula Clownfish Black & White Percula Clownfish Percula Clownfish
Tomato Clownfish Clark's clownfish Maroon Clownfish  

** All marine fish pictures in this webpage are taken and belong to Khun Pramote

Common Name Scientific Name Size Pack/box
Orange ClownfishAmphiprion ocellaris1-1.4”0
Orange ClownfishAmphiprion ocellaris1.5-1.8”0
Tomato ClownfishAmphiprion frenatus1-1.4”0
Tomato ClownfishAmphiprion frenatus1.5-1.8”0
Ocellaris BlackAmphiprion ocellaris1-1.4”0
Ocellaris BlackAmphiprion ocellaris1.5-1.8”0
Clark’s ClownfishAmphiprion clarkii1-1.4"0
Clark’s ClownfishAmphiprion clarkii1.5-1.8"0
True Percula ClownfishAmphiprion percula1-1.4"0
True Percula ClownfishAmphiprion percula1.5-1.8"0
Saddleback ClownfishAmphiprion polymnus1-1.4”0
Saddleback ClownfishAmphiprion polymnus1.5-1.8”0
Percula ClownfishAmphiprion ocellaris1-1.4”0
Percula ClownfishAmphiprion ocellaris1.5-1.8”0


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